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One Hundred Aloe Plants

self-published, edition of 100 5" x 8"
with 112 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7387071-0-2


“The act of propagating a hundred aloe
from one parent-plant metaphorically unites the homes which adopt a plant. The exchange is a poetic gesture of connection.”

One Hundred Aloe Plants is the artist book concluding Culver's work as the Artist in the Library at Albert Campbell branch, which functions as an archive of the written responses describing where in their home the aloe vera plant will live from library guests along with a reprinting of the poster by Alicia Nauta. In her essay "Propagation and Portals" included in the book Culver writes about the experience of growing the collection of one hundred aloe, interacting with library guests, and thinking about how we are connected.

This artist book is risograph printed in Hunter Green ink and perfect bound by Colour Code.

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